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Vision & Mission

We are always aspiring for the best that can be achieved in our business activities, achieving comprehensive fusion between local fingerprint and international standards.

AL MANARA HOLDING is a Qatari limited liability company with an investment capital of over One Hundred Million Qatari Riyals in its first phase. The Group combines a number of companies and factories that work in the various investment, industry, trade and contracting sectors.

The group was founded by H.H. Sheikh Salman Bin Hamad Bin Salman Bin Jassim Al Thani in 2002, when the first company in the group, Abdulaziz & Salman Trading Company, was founded. Then, companies were founded every two years; in 2004 HBSON, DC FOR LOGISTIC SERVICE (2006) and ARC DeTriomphe (2008), through to the foundation of Al MANARA HOLDING to be the central entity that will handle the management of current and future companies from a uniform strategic perspective that ensures efficiency and effectiveness in strategic development on one hand, and on the other the best efficient use of capital and accommodation of foreseen development for integrated work among the group companies.

The Group consists of 11 integrated companies, 4 of which have been working already for years now, while 4 companies are in final stages of establishment and 3 are under design and development.

The sectors in which the Group works include
• General Contracting, Construction, Real Estate Investment and Infrastructure;
• Services (Public, Marine, Logistic, Engineering, Project Management);
• Industrial and Manufacturing;
• Investment and Asset Management;
• General Trade and Food Security;
• Telecommunications.

Al MANARA HOLDING Subsidiaries
1. ATHAR Building & Development – founded in 2002
2. ARC De Triomphe (Construction, contracting Company) – founded in 2008
3. HBSON – founded in 2004
4. Sigma Medical Company – founded in 2015
5. Abdulaziz & Salman Trading Company – founded in 2002
6. SAPTAL (Salman And Partners Trading And Logistics) – founded in 2006
7. Qatar Iron Welding Factory – establishment is in final phase
8. Aston McKinsey for Engineering Design and Projects Management
9. Ihab Ramzi Language Center