Talent W.M. is the leading event organization agency in Egypt and the Middle East. Talent W.M. is a full service event organization and management company.

Talent W.M. started in 2002 when Waleed Mansour and group of his friends decided to start their own business.

Talent W.M. started by doing school proms then weddings, moving to clubs’ carnivals, events and concerts till it became one of the most successful and well known event planning agencies in the Middle East.

We professionally organize and create all types of events. Talent W.M. can create a suitable event that suits all their customer’s needs. We have a full range of resources, which give us the ability to offer our clients an infinite number of ideas and concepts.

For more than ten years of experience in concerts and weddings, Talent W.M. doesn’t just offer a standard event package, instead, it offers innovative solutions to make your event a special one and to ensure it conveys the appropriate message to its clients.

Talent W.M. also organized the launching events of many albums for different stars throughout the years of its experience.   >> Visit TALENT W.M Website