AL MANARA Smart Parking

As Qatar infrastructure rapidly grows to meet the goals of Qatar National Vision 2030 now more than ever, there is an urgent need to provide space for the added cars and vehicles. According to the traffic researches, it has been proven that infrastructure indeed have correlation impact of the economy development. Numbers of cars have been increased dramatically and created the most pressing challenge in need of a dynamic and forward-looking solution.

AL MANARA Smart Parking is founded to in 2014 to bring you the answer, with our Automated Mechanized Parking System.

This extraordinary system magnificently deploys the latest technology to quickly transform wasted space into added parking capacity for impacted urban areas. AL MANARA Smart Parking System optimizes scarce parking resources, boosts capacity, and provides service that is impeccably reliable and safe.


Smart Parking technology has been proven its reliability worldwide and successfully installed in Singapore, Mexico, Russia, Romania, Poland, Argentina, Kuwait, and more.

AL MANARA Smart is not only a solution, it is also a source of revenues – Effortlessly you track and collect parking fares, completely automated and optimised.

By now the technology is proven fast, easy, safe, green, and profitable.

AL MANARA Smart Parking …. Brings you the conveniences of the Future, Today.

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