The company was founded in 2008 to provide shipment, transport unloading and other services, mainly for the Qatari market where transport and shipment services were flourishing. With the global financial crisis, all transport companies suffered from financial and management problems. However, SAPTAL managed to pass the crisis without suffering any losses.

Date of Incorporation: 2008
Working Capital: QR 23,000,000
Staff: 120


– Transport
– Shipment & Unloading
– Warehouse Management & Storage Custom.
– Custom Service

DC (Custom)

As it is expected that business will flourish again in the next period, and in view of the strategic perspective of the Group embedded in establishing a number of factories, the Group restructured the Company to provide transport, storage, shipment, unloading, warehouse & inventory management and car rental services, mainly for the Group, then for the Qatari market. The activities of the Company are expected to be limited to the Qatari market.

• Business plan involves buying the following assets in the coming year in two phases:

1st Phase: before the end of 2014
2nd Phase: before the end of 2018

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