Qatar Iron Welding Materials Factory


In view of the immense development in the field of iron structures and the current and expected leap in Qatar, and as no welding pole factory has been set up until now in Qatar and in view of the actual and immense need for this product both in the local and regional markets, the need arose for a welding pole factory in Qatar that contains the best related global technologies. Al Manara Holding Group began setting up this factory which is set to be inaugurated in Q1 2014.


• All kinds of iron welding poles used in all kinds of pneumatic and underwater welding;
• The production capacity is 20,000 tons/year. It is set to begin with a capacity of 5 tons/year which shall be increased gradually until it reaches its full capacity;
• It contains the 1st center in the world for the development and design of welding poles according to customer requirements;
• Production line consists of 21 different machine and begins with processing raw material and ends with packaging;
• All machines are hi-tech and are the latest in filed.

welding (Custom)


1. A 3680 sqm plot has been allocated for the factory, in the Small & Medium Industries Zone, New Industrial Town, Doha.
2. All financial, feasibility, market and project studies are completed.
3. Engineering designs are completed and agreement is concluded with Qatar for Steel Frameworks, to manufacture the structures of the factory and the takeover shall be at the end of February 2014.
4. Infrastructure works are being completed by the Group subsidiary, ARC De Triomphe;
5. Agreement for the supply of machinery and the advance payment (40% of the total price) is paid. The machinery will be delivered to Doha by the
end of January 2014.
6. Human resources are identified and a large percentage of them has already been hired.

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