Athar Building & Development


Athar Building & Development has the highest professional Engineering achieving standards in all fields such as; Civil Construction, Electrical, Air conditioning, BMS, CCTV, & Mechanical.

The Engineering & Design Department is ever ready to face challenges and is very prompt in completing every task with the optimum accuracy and excellent quality of work from:

 Planning
 Scheduling
 Proposal Preparation
 Procurement
 Detailed analysis on the project proposals
 Contract Evaluation
 Value Engineering
 Project Management Procedure Development
 Construction Drawing and Specification Review
 Onsite Inspection / Standard procedures
 Relevant Building Codes / Industry Standards compliance
 Change Order analysis preparation
 Project Administration
 Quality Assurance / Quality Control
 Quantity Survey


We assure you that all problems can be taken into stride and use all opportunities to suffice you. The step by step working on projects can assure you the best solutions.

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