Al-Manara Telecom


Al-Manara Telecom is currently navigating the incorporation process. Financial, feasibility and project studies are under way and several have already been completed. AL MANARA HOLDING GROUP anticipates a 2014-15 debut, pending additional strategic consultation. The executive development team anticipates a staff of 75 and they are currently working with investment capital of nearly QR55 million.

Al-Manara Telecom’s service portfolio includes sales, marketing and maintenance of cell phones, mobile devices, consumer electronics and telecommunications technology. Local, regional and international telecom businesses around the world enjoy steady growth and revenues and this sector was targeted by AL MANARA HOLDING GROUP executive planning committee as an important investment opportunity.

Al-Manara Telecom already holds the contract to be the exclusive distributor for British HTC mobile devices in the Middle East, as well non-exclusive agreements to distribute several other brands in 18 separate countries. The company will be the service provider of choice for subsidiaries in AL MANARA HOLDING GROUP, however the major share of business will be with outside customers in Qatar and regional markets.   >> Visit Al-Manara Telecom Website

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