About Us

Introduction to AL MANARA HOLDING GROUP from Chairman & Founder

H.E. Sheikh Salman bin Hamad bin Salman bin Jassim Al Thani

AL MANARA HOLDING GROUP (AHG) has reinvented itself for the 21st century. Our essential corporate identity remains the same: we operate from a local business context, with the ability to mobilise resources and impact markets on a global scale. AL MANARA HOLDING GROUP is still committed to delivering best-in-class services and products that compete successfully internationally.

What has been updated for today’s business environment is our strategic vision and the management directives required to negotiate the highly competitive international marketplace. AL MANARA HOLDING GROUP now actively looks for new markets, opportunities and investments, locally and around the world, to build a group with the unique capacity to benefit stakeholders with enhanced growth, development and success.

AL MANARA HOLDING GROUP is optimised to be a private sector leader and to work in partnership for sustainable development in Qatar, toward achieving and exceeding the ambitions of Qatar National Vision 2030.

A history of local development and global growth

AL MANARA HOLDING GROUP was founded in 2002 and this nucleus became the foundation for continuous growth and the desire to compete internationally. Today, AL MANARA HOLDING GROUP includes eleven subsidiaries that operate as sector leaders in Qatar, the Middle East and around the world. Our interests, projects and partnerships are global in reach, while our subsidiaries remain closely integrated and able to support and supplement each other, all working toward common professional, trade and development goals guided by national needs.

The passion for excellence that inspired AL MANARA HOLDING GROUP’s debut will never change and never fade. Our commitment to serving local needs by integrating into the global marketplace will always direct our growth and development energies.

Looking ahead toward new business and profit opportunities

I would like to extend my deepest thanks and gratitude to the executive staff and employees of AL MANARA HOLDING GROUP, each of whom is a partner in our success. Our global network of suppliers and vendors also deserve our gratitude for their professional assistance. And finally, I want to thank especially our customers – without your support and confidence, we could not have become the world-class organisation we are today.

This is an exciting and eventful time for AL MANARA HOLDING GROUP and our brightest days are ahead of us. I look forward to the rewards that our continuing growth, development and success will bring, and the opportunity for our investors and stakeholders to share in those rewards. I welcome you to join us on this marvellous journey.

With sincerest regards,

H.E. Sheikh Salman bin Hamad bin Salman bin Jassim Al Thani